Ways to Prepare Your Skin for a Date

We all need a fulfilling relationship, and being well-prepared for a night date can make a huge impact on this. Date, especially first dates, can make or break an impression, this is why it is both exciting and stressful. If you are a working adult, you are probably exposed to different types of stress like lack of sleep, problems at work, company competitions, schedules, and deadlines. If you are a student, you are also bombarded with the same level of stress. Stress does not just happen to your brain and mind; it also happens to your skin.  

You can go to a local clinic like Avon Dermatology for formal recommendations for stressed skin cells. 

Stress can induce pimple and acne breakouts, dry and pale skin, dark circles on your eyes, and many more. Having a zombie-like disposition is not attractive especially in dates. Fortunately, there are doable remedies for this that you can do a few days or a day before the big special event. 

1. Exfoliate and moisturize your skin.  

Exfoliation removes dead skin cells that cause “zombiness” on your skin. After removing dead skin cells, your skin will look fairer and healthier. There are a lot of ways to exfoliate. You can use skin care products or natural ingredients. another easy and mild way to exfoliate is to gently scrub your face with a firm-bristled brush before taking a shower. No products. Just dry brushing. This causes good blood circulation to your face while removing dead skin cells.  

After exfoliating, do not forget to put some moisturizer (after taking a shower). you can use any moisture mask or vitamin E oil to your face, so long as they do not irritate your skin. You can use this after or before the bath.  

2. Be bare and tone your skin 

One of the ways to take care of your skin is to ditch your makeup every night a few days before the date. In this way, you allow your skin to breathe. Also, makeup residue clogs your pores that may cause irritation and breakouts.  

3.Drink plenty of water to keep hydrated 

While drinking a lot of water is commonly associated with a healthy body. Water also makes your skin healthy. Dehydrated skin cells make your face looks puffy and dry. Aside from drinking a lot of water, avoid salty food. Salty food caused water retention that results in skin dehydration and ugly, dry skin.  

4.Massage your face  

Massaging your face provides a huge benefit because it causes your face to be more toned especially when you are suffering from facial bloating.  

Facial massage also relaxes your muscles and gives you a lift on the face. It causes the good circulation of blood and oxygen to your face that stimulates the production of melanin. As a result, your skin will look glowing and youthful. Massaging can be done by using some facial massage tools or by hand. You can do both ways.  

5. Get a deep sleep 

Sleep deprivation causes many problems for your health and skin. It decreases blood circulation and reducing oxygen intake on your skin. As a result, your skin will look dry and tired-looking. 

Other doable date tips you can do are eating fruits and vegetables for healthier cells, and prep your nails and hair for a complete care package. 

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